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lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Eduard K. Tissé director de fotografía nacido en Liepāja

Ivan el Terrible Parte II 1946

Ivan el Terrible Parte I 1944

 Alexander Nevsky 1938

Que Viva México 1932

Octubre 1927

Huelga 1925

Acorazado Potemkin 1924

Eduard Kazimirovich Tisse (Russian: Эдуа́рд Казими́рович Тиссэ́, Latvian: Eduards Tisē; 13 April 1897, Liepāja – 18 November 1961, Moscow) was a Soviet cinematographer born to a Swedish father and Russian mother in Liepāja, Courland (now Latvia). He grew up in Liepāja and started his career as a newsreel cameraman during the Russian Civil War. His career took off working with such directors as Vladimir Gardin and Sergei Eisenstein, becoming the latter's standard cinematographer, occasionally sharing the position with others. His favorite camera was the Debrie Parvo, which he continued to use even during the sound era to film silent sequences.

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